Who We Are

Brett's HB Marathon 2013 - 02 - Version 2

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Craig Skelly: Guitar

Craig, a native from Southern Cal, founded the Breakaways over 15 years ago. He loves surf bands and has a collection of guitars and amps to play authentic surf music through... His pride of the pack is a ‘64 Lake Placid Blue Fender Stratocaster. Plug that into his Vintage Fender Showman and Fender Reverb Tank and you are back in surf city.

Alan Niizawa:Bass

Alan was originally a drummer in other surf bands like “Goofy Foot” and then “the Breakers”. He had played drums with us occasionally and when he got the call to play bass, he rose to the occasion. He was playing bass with Bruce in the band “mid life crisis”, and now he is really having a crisis because he is in 2 bands.

Bruce McCoy:Guitar

Bruce was originally in the 60’s surf band “the Nocturnes” as their drummer. He would sit in with us on drums from time to time and then we heard him play guitar. Wow! We asked him to hock his drums for a Stratocaster and he has been riffing with the band ever since. Now he is in 2 surf bands! Living in Huntington Beach, surf city, gives him the proximity to the beach and salt air that he keeps the surf vibe even when he is mowing the lawn. But, being in an original surf band in the 60’s, we know surf music is in his blood.

Gus Moratinos: Drums

Gus grew up in So. Cal but is a native of South America. Upon hearing the call of the surf drums, he rose to the occasion and has been with us almost 15 years! A graduate of the Grove School of Music, Gus can play any musical style and does with the various band, musicals and projects he is involved with.

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